The Exoplanet Colonization

When it started: colonization of exoplanets? Maybe in those immemorial times when we first time showed interest why there are the stars in the sky? What are they? Is it possible to reach them and what will bring it to us? To answer these questions, first, we created the telescope. Later on, during the last several decades, we are trying indeed to near them by ourselves or by our machines.
Meanwhile, relatively adjusted, though yet not final answers to those old questions were given and currently, we believe that the colonization of exoplanets is needed for the following reasons:
1. The human being, if it stays on one planet, will extinct as a biological creature due to a natural or man-made disaster.
2. To grab infinite cosmic resources.
3. To avoid overpopulation of Earth and resource lack.
4. The desire to discover and explore new places, which, as it is said, is the inherent feature only of us.
5. Earth, because of ecological or other reasons, soon will be unsuitable for us and we need to resettle on a new planet.
6. To leave behind the old life and to seek a new start somewhere else.
The science fiction of space topic is using themes ultimately derived from these five reasons and creates stories based on them, from the very beginning to the present day.
With the novel of “Space for Evolution” I dared to add a new idea to this topic.
What does it mean? Who said that it is useful and necessary? What will it give us?
I hope the adventures and the people showed in my novel Space for Evolution will be capable to answer these questions.

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