Chapter 2

Between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter millions and millions of rocks of the asteroid belt are marching around Sun. Each of these different size stones has individual orbit, which is steady and unchanged during the last few billions of years. Long ago had passed the eon when they were incessantly falling into each other. Now they’re planning to continue their monotone travel along the nearest several millions of millennia.
Much farther away from Sun and subsequently from Earth there is another belt with the name of the Oort cloud. It also is consisted of asteroids but ones with a specific property. They’re orbiting Sun though not along the circle but the much-stretched ellipse. When they’re flying near our luminary their strangeness is starting to reveal. Because of the warm, the water or rather, the ice in their body is beginning to evaporate and this steam follows those asteroids like the tail of a comma. That is why they’re named the Comet.
One of these caudate asteroids now approached Sun. It consisted out of five big adhered chunks of rocks several kilometers size, and countless of little ones. Some of them were glued to the main firm body by dint of frozen water. The fastening of one minor piece, similar to a rugby ball, had weakened because the part of ice had melted, turned into the water and evaporated during its last visit to hot areas. It happened five million years ago when this comet neared our star previous time.
This time it melted totally and this ball had finally separated from the main body comet. The latter, during its constant revolving, had knocked this small piece and jerked it out of their common trajectory, easily overcoming their insignificant mutual gravity. Gradually this new formed celestial body closed to the asteroid belt. Upon arriving at the cluster of millions of stones it had clashed with one of them, the size of a golf ball. In the result, this small rock had changed its eternal course and directed towards Earth orbit with the velocity of twenty-five kilometers per second…

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