Chapter 3

“It seems I grew thin,” Iase said.
Veana stared at him with surprise and even recoiled slightly. They were sitting on the beach and defiantly looking to the sun beyond the ocean. The latter, being tired in the course of the long day, it already wasn’t able to dazzle them. Essentially that was farewell. Tomorrow both of them will depart from the resort. Lady finished her vacations; the gentleman has to take up his duties in a penultimate shift.
Seeing Veana’s amazement Iase laughed.
“What is the deficit of the weight, did you compare it to basic data?” the woman asked with feigned care, “or you did meter it by some other, your own way?”
This question caused to him a new fit of laughter burst. He fell on his back and spread out his hands like a crucified one. Veana collapsed on him and grabbed his throat with her fingers. In the upshot, the entire romp had transformed into the tight embrace and long kiss.
When they have torn off from each other at last, Veana gave peering look and reminded him:
“Now, what kind of flesh loss are you talking about?”
Iase answered without reflection:
“Einstein had calculated that in the heavy body the time flows slowly, right?”
“Suppose,” Veana agreed seriously although with smiling eyes.
“Then in the lightweight person the time runs faster,” Iase reasoned unhurriedly.
“Go on,” Veana encouraged him.
“Starting from this, I feel that never in my previous life the time ran away so quickly like in last week. Thus, I made the conclusion that I lost my weight, that is, I got thin,” He spread his arms and smiled.
Veana squinted against him several seconds and then said:
“I can report you about my calculations too: for me, the next two month will have such duration as if at that time my weight would be equal to the entire Galaxy’s one.”
Hearing this, Iase wordlessly embraced his beloved again, attracted her and kissed at the neck. The girl pressed herself against him and sometimes they were sitting silently. Then Veana took her paper cup protruded out from the sand, sipped the apple juice with the ice flinders swimming into it and returned the vessel at its place.
They were just enjoying being together.
During the last week, they familiarized with one another almost in full scale. Now they knew what kind of music likes each of them, also the literature, movies, dishes, weather…
Iase learned that Veana’s mother Emilie is a bookkeeper in the building firm and her father Rune is the bosun in the fishing fleet. That recently she received an offer to move in the capital of her country to work in one of the major football club of the first league.
In her turn Veana got knew the occupation of Iase’s parents: his father Meliton was a lead engineer on a tea factory and mom Taso was a housewife. That he was a single child. Also, she was told that he entered the project SQP thru some international program. It was inviting the young people to pass the basic tests and then became a member of the worldwide institution responsible to arrange the expeditions toward probably habitable exoplanets. These young people were promised they will take the proper training, education, and the bests among them will not only participate in building the cosmodrome at the Namib Desert but may become the space mounters. Iase turned out to be one of those who passed thru all examinations.
So, now Veana knew almost everything about Iase. The exception was only the trigger that pushed this man to the cosmos. He promised to tell her that story as far back as during their very first meeting but didn’t manage to do that because of lack of time. At least, it looked in that way. Now Veana had remembered again this omission and asked about it. After a short pause, the man told:
“Frankly to say, I wanted more than once to talk about this event, very important one for me, but it always seemed to me that it would be verbose, bombastic and tedious speech. In the same time, I couldn’t limit myself with a couple of words; such a short explanation would be obscure. Nevertheless, we are saved – you and I,” he smiled.”I invented a new way to explain my past, but it’s not ready to use yet, it will be done when I’ll return from the space.”
“So the story, revealed in a new way is awaiting me ahead?” Veana became inspired.
“You are glad because you’ll familiarize yourself with another method of storytelling?” Iase looked at her still smiling.
“No. Not only that but that fact the story is waiting for me at all,” Veana answered instantly.
Iase grabbed Veana again and clung with his lips against her sweet and tender ones. The lips were followed by hands, with a closer clinch. But next, until they went too far at this crowded place, a couple regained their consciousness and slightly separated away from each other. After a minute, when in their bodies had reduced production of the oxytocin, simply to say – the passion became harnessed, Veana made a new question.
“As I remember, there is a plan to dispatch six such expeditions with the ten-year interval. Are you going to assemble all of them? Will you still fly to the cosmos in ninety years age?” Veana asked with suspicious naivety.
Iase laughed again and answered:
“Honestly, I had thought about to prolong my contract and to work for the next ship.”
“Didn’t decide yet. Two months of the space waits for me, enough time for thinking. Later, after my returning, you’ll be the first, who will learn the result of my intellectual effort,” the man said, looking into her eyes.
“Will be that effort only intellectual?” Veana looked into his eyes too.
In response, Iase just flashed a smile at her.