Chapter 14

Time has come and the fifth expedition began the journey to its destination: in the Corona Borealis constellation, to the planet orbiting around the star Rho. In the last half of a century that was fifth live broadcasting of the start of a rocket with gigantic wings.
There were the people, who saw all those translations. For example, a former builder and now pensioner Roger Utvac, whiskey fancy and big eater man with an enormous paunch. As well as his wife Ingrid, a tall, corpulent woman, and her sister: Veana Fidelthog. The Utvac’s younger son Victor didn’t pertain to this group, he missed the start of the first two ships because he didn’t exist in those times.
Relatives were staring at the screen, though actually, only Veana didn’t take her eyes away of TV. Victor was seeing how quickly is changing his aunt’s expression. Sometimes her eyes were full of tears, sometimes woman almost smiled. Of course, the widow was responding to her thoughts and feelings, because on the TV screen there was nothing thrilling.
The translation was proceeding monotony and tediously. In spite of the presenter was speaking vigorously and anxiously, thoroughly informing viewers about events on the orbit, the ones interested saw with their own eyes that there is nothing happening. Gigantic pale-lustreless structure extremely slowly, insensibly like sun’s movement was keeping away from the camera placed at ISS. Hence as one would look at the sky after a while and would see that the Sun changed its location, exactly in that way only the big intervals were making evident the motion of the ship and there is no photo on the TV screen.
In spite of such slowness, after all, like the sun is hiding beyond the horizon, in the same manner, the ship disappeared behind Earth. It shall have to make several more turns around the planet before tearing its gravitational hobble. Therefore during passing by the ISS it would be shown on the screens a few more times but the main was that the rocket is on its way already – it travels independently.
After the ship’s vanishing from the TV, the relatives with champagne wished good luck to it. At the end of that event Veana, under saying “goodbye” jolly embraced everyone and left with a contented air.