Chapter 20

The little flock and its crowded shepherd group set out west. In the beginning, everybody was stepping sank in thoughts. The motive of talking the first crop up when Antony awkwardly set straight his machinegun and touched the woman’s wound. Agnetha screamed and caught her side.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m so clumsy,” Antony started apologizing, “I’m too old… what to do, on the farm we’ll make you a new bandage.”
“Never mind,” Agnetha uttered guardedly, then glanced at the old man and said forcedly smiling: “I don’t take offence. We all know what age we live in. It seems your farm survived in this awful time exactly because you’re checking everything to the end.”
The old man didn’t go on composing. To Hans and Miriam, turned back on Agnetha’s shout, he just waved his hands, meaning that now mere words are really hard to trust and he isn’t ashamed of his commitment.
The group consisted of the speech-masters and the dumb was slowly advancing – the woman was frequently stopping to give the rest to her rib. Once, after finishing regular halt, exactly Agnetha had recollected:
“Mira mentioned that antenna’s renewing for some reason is especially important for you. What does it mean, if there is no secret?”
“No mystery,” Tony said and wiped his sweated forehead with a rag of indeterminate color, which he then put into the pocket of his dingy jacket. “Let Mira tell about, for her, it’s easy to walk and to talk simultaneously.”
Hearing this, the girls as if she anticipated this conversation, talked with her sonorous voice right away:
“With the fifth starship, already one hundred and thirty-four years along, to Corona Borealis constellation is traveling our ancestor’s genotype!” She blurted out and reddened so harshly that even perspired.
“Is it possible?” Hans exclaimed, a man about his sixties but still sinewy and vivacious. “Then, I think I and Agnetha know the name of that person: Iase Bilikadze.”
“Right,” teenager gaily agreed with him.
Of course Tony was hearing this conversation and these last words ameliorated his mood aloud. The robbers wouldn’t be bothered to get that information, absolutely useless for them, decided he.
“It’s amazing,” Agnetha said with a dreamy expression, “the man didn’t exist anymore but his future body is journeying across the cosmos during more than a century. Unimaginable!”
“But what happened after my ancestor’s departure is it easily believable?” Tony did ask that question and meanwhile, his intonation became distinctly benevolent.
“You know,” the woman responded to him pensively. “What happened on Earth, it took place already and ended, it is completely in the past. But Iase Bilikadze, your family’s ancestor, as if died and belongs to past also, but at the same time, it’s impossible to understand whether he could be accepted as dead or not? Isn’t that more wondering than the catastrophe many years ago predicted by scientists?”
“O!” Soon Agnetha burst out when she saw from a near distance the homestead of her new friends. “Very impressive, I think your fortress is more inaccessible than our APP.”
“We’re thankful to it for saving our lives and gifting a new one,” The old man cast a glance full of love and proud to his grandchild.
The girl got confused with her grandpa’s words. To distract adults’ attention from herself, she reached to a receiver in her jeans back pocket and after got it, she pushed the calling button. In a few seconds the man’s voice asked accompanied with hissing:
“Everything is all right, Mira?”
“Yes, dad. We have guests, they are from the power station, Agnetha and…
“Hans,” the man reminded her.
“Guests?” the radio asked tensely, “where is your grandpa?”
“I’m here, Nico,” his father responded taking the gadget from the girl. “It’s OK. They’re engineers from the station, they need help and they handed their arm to us. We’re here already, by the gate.”
A few moments later Nico snorted:
“Even twenty years barely passed and we have guests again, what a flurry?!”
Agnetha and Hans smiled and then the woman said sadly:
“It’s good you stocked up the radio receivers, we were depending just on mobiles and weren’t able to connect each other so easily…”
In the meantime, under the leadership of animals, they approached the ditch. In another couple minutes the bridge of two meters wide, made from thick wood planks, descended on that artificial obstacle.