Chapter 26

After the distressing news from flooded planet Georg’s life gradually abated into that invisible track, the existence of which people are used to recall very rarely. When occasionally distracted from daily never-ending fuss one exclaims being surprised: wow, what a lot of time has passed!
The cause for that kind of shouting Georg gained in twelve years when the third expedition sent a message from the Andromeda constellation. It was informing the humanity about reaching to its goal: the third planet of the star Epsilon.
The atmospheric composition of that celestial body, its values of temperature, magnetic field, and all other countless characteristics, fully confirmed the measurements and studies carried out by the astrophysical methods from Earth. The water was in abundance – warm in oceans, clear in rivers, fresh and cold in springs. There was garden-like land of enough area, no radiation, nor even single extra molecule of harmful substance. The climate, particularly between the polar circles, seemed artificial, so perfectly it matched for earthly life. In short, a wonderful place, a real paradise!
Unfortunately, this goody Eden also ideally favored to the local organisms. Therefore, without any restrictions, they had perfectly, greatly developed their energy replenish techniques. Just to say, they were able to eat and digest everything. Absorb any organic compounds created by any hereditary program or by a chemical process. This was the same as someone could be equally fed with barbecue or with a plastic bag.
By that time barely operating machines reported that insects or small animals without a break are devouring electrical isolation of equipment and it is in the phase of quick destroying. Robots hardly managed to assemble the antenna and engage it until they still act logically. In the aftermath of that, they became just metal lumber and lost their connection to the computer.
This time the conservation wasn’t planned. According to the report, the creatures already damaged control circuit of a nuclear reactor. Soon the plutonium stockpile should explode and annihilate everything living and non-living in three-kilometer radius, of course, including the new conceived colony too. In a word, on this occasion, local life itself blocked the success of the expedition and became the reason for its failure.
This message instantly generated one overwhelming desire: Georg’ filled his favorite cut glass with “disaster dissolvent”. Immediately after first gigantic gulp, he felt a great sense of gratitude to the inventor of home-brew vodka. His nerves were a bit relaxed and thoughts started to flow freely.
Georg realized: the years, which were inflating him with expectations of admirable future in his youth, passed in vain. It turns out he had empty hopes to become a witness of great news’. Naturally, the apprehension of such a phenomenon could fell to him tremendously and broke his heart but actually, he didn’t feel that boundless sorrow.
Because, he wasn’t avowing himself that actually a long time ago felt a crack in his hope, even since the day when he and Miriam witnessed the failure of the first expedition. The second one, of course, did expand this notch, and now, a third disaster almost turned it to a chasm. Not to mention that these events made him see with the new look the project SQP and its scale. Now already Georg was patiently explaining to himself that the climbing on an evolutionary ladder isn’t the event, which can so easily see some old self-taught astronomer.
With one brave gulp, he swallowed the remained drink and then played statue for a while. Meantime, the high degree liquid has launched a relentless activity in his old body, fueled his feelings and thereafter Georg felt discontent quickly changing into the anger.
The old man still wasn’t able to recall, what particularly upset him. He only remembered that exactly during that senseless drunk anger, a strange idea was conceived in his mind. What was it, he still couldn’t understand. He only knew for sure that this mysterious idea all of this period was living in his subconsciousness. Maybe if he would have followed the footsteps of that conception in his mind, he finally could catch it and clearly discern. But in his drunk state, he quickly changed his mood and the comprehending of a completely different idea made him wander from that path of reasoning:
“I spent whole my life in waiting and gained nothing!” He proclaimed aloud.
After that declaration Georg resolutely poured another portion of beverage in the glass, drank it and then spoke to the tools in the room:
“It isn’t exactly that way! The ancestors initiated this project in spite of they had no chance to learn anything about the result of their undertaking! What about the descendants, then?”